Server Rules

Read these Rules before posting.
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Server Rules

Post by Wolverine » Wed Aug 18, 2004 11:44 am


If you are caught using cheats we will ban you. We have a a zero tolerance policy, once you are banned you will not be unbanned period.

Offensive/Abusive behaviour.
If you are caught being gratuituously offensive or abusive to other players we will ban you from our server. We have a zero tolerance policy, act anti-socially then expect to get treated like an outcast. Once you are banned you will not be unbanned period.

Unreal Tournament Rules

Cheating is not allowed and includes but not limited to : aimbots, radars, timers and skin cheats.

No team killing

Taunt/Abuse Spamming.

Spamming/massive flooding.

Going AFK for an extended.

Repetitive Camping or Teaming (LMS).

Exploiting map bugs with the intention of ruining the game for others.

Do NOT give the admins shit.